Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing Golf Near Briar Chapel

Since many prospective buyers ask me about opportunities to play golf near Briar Chapel, I thought I would share some information about the courses nearby. We have a number of places to play within a short drive... here are just a few of them, listed in order of distance:
  • Twin Lakes: 9-hole course that is adjacent to Briar Chapel, but not for the serious golfer!
  • Governors Club: private club, 36 holes, about 5 minutes from Briar Chapel. They offer memberships to Briar Chapel residents.
  • Chapel Ridge: one of my favorite courses in the area, about 15 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • The Preserve: a little more challenging due to environmentally-sensitive areas, about 20 minutes from Briar Chapel. They offer a membership ($1000 initiation + $160-207/month) that gives you access to both Chapel Ridge and The Preserve.
  • Finley: UNC’s course… a bit expensive, but a great alternative that is only 20 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • Chapel Hill Country Club: private course across from Finley, about 20 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • Old Chatham: very exclusive, so I haven’t had an opportunity to play this one yet, about 30 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • Falls Village: I haven’t played this course yet, but it is part of the Traditional Clubs (similar to Chapel Ridge & Preserve), about 30 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • Sanford Municipal: good course and very inexpensive during the week, about 35 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • Tobacco Road: fun course (not for everyone, though), about 45 minutes from Briar Chapel.
  • Pinehurst: golf capital of the world, about 60 minutes from Briar Chapel.
We have a number of folks in the neighborhood that like to play, and even have some groups that get together and play on a regular (if not weekly) basis.

Swing straight!