Thursday, May 28, 2015

Capp's apizza Coming to Briar Chapel on Thursday Nights this Summer

Briar Chapel is pleased to announce that Capp’s apizza will be selling their delicious pizzas in front of the Briar Club every Thursday night from 6-8pm throughout the summer.

Capp's specializes in true artisan wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza, utilizing all natural and fresh seasonal ingredients sourced from our local landscape.

In our opinion, what makes Capp’s Apizza unique is their mobile pizza oven, fondly named "Vesuvio." This wood-fired masonry oven was designed around the original ovens of Pompeii, the area just outside of Naples, Italy. The oven is fired using local hardwood (they prefer oak) and reaches temperatures between 850-1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Each personal sized, cooked-to-order pizza takes just 60-90 seconds to cook to perfection.

We hope to see you at the Briar Club on Thursday nights! Please plan on wait times between 15-20 minutes, and prices between $9-13 per pizza.