Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woods Charter School Building Progress Continues

Progress on the new Woods Charter School in Briar Chapel continues. In the photo below, you will see that curbing and sidewalks are being installed. Work is also being done on the inside in order to get the school ready for occupancy in the Fall.

At a recent meeting of Chatham's BOE, the Board discussed several options to relieve overcrowding at the North Chatham School. In addition to installing additional mobile classroom pods and re-assigning students to another school, they discussed the possibility of leasing the current Woods Charter School facility at Cole Park plaza to house some of the North Chatham students. It is scheduled to be vacated by July 1st. A decision will be made at the next meeting on 3/17/08.

Many believe this problem would have been resolved sooner had the new middle school that is planned for Briar Chapel been built on time in 2009 (construction has been delayed until 2010).